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Home to heroes and villains alike, the Fusion: Genesis universe is comprised of vast galaxies from the red giant of solaria to the remains of Celes in the Asteria system. Exploring can take years, but the reward for such a traveler is well worth it. Will you dare to follow in the footsteps of other such brave adventurers seeking fame and fortune, or will you fall at the first battle? The galaxy is there for the taking, so power up your engines and let the adventure begin!

Follow six epic storylines as a trader, mercenary, peacekeeper, soldier, or seeker Explore an "always connected" dynamic environment Complete 100s of solo and co-op quests across 23 levels Fly over 100 ships with 1000s of upgrades Acquire 40 combat skills and 200 weapons Enjoy cooperative (1-4) and PvP (1-8)

FG 3

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