The Praetorians are sworn to uphold galactic law, but it's not an easy job, thanks to smugglers, mercenaries, and an impending human civil war!

Trying to keep it all together is the Praetoriate Fleet, and they aren't afraid to put down anyone who violates the Articles. They're spread all to hell and back across Convocation space, which means individual Praetorians are becoming more... ruthless... with their application of the law.


Executor (page)
  • Peacemaker- The Peacemaker is a scout ship known for its speed and firepower in the Praetorian fleet.

  • Enforcer- The Enforcer is the slowest of the smaller Praetoriate ships, but makes up for it with firepower and defense.

  • Executor- This cruiser is both large and deadly. It has a great amount of defense and can equip more weapons/sentients than any other ship in the Praetoriate Fleet.